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- Jan 16th - New Cross Inn
- Feb 20th - The Arc
- Mar 3rd - Vibe Bar

Beat Ratio

Beat Ratio


Old-School Electro vs New-School Electro

Jan 2nd 2014

For my first gig south of the river I will be joined by Fakebit Polytechnic, an amazing duo making dance music with Guitar Hero controllers and various of other DIY electronic gadgets and Venezuelan Alien mixing live sounds with electronics! RSVP and details here.

Juno Love

Dec 6th 2013

I present you my favorite synth of all time: the Roland Juno 60! (and a sketch of a new Beat Ratio tune...)

Subconscious Lovers Master Tape

Sep 24th 2013

A last picture before unplugging and reorganizing my recording setup. In my hands is the master for the next Beat Ratio release and yes... that on the left IS my drying rack :P

Minimal Jams

Aug 9th 2013

Since most of my equipment is currently wired in recording mode (a terrifying jungle of cables, knobs and flashing LEDs) I've had very limited resources for writing new material.
So here are a couple of minimal sketches recorded using the few things that were left available. Basically just some quick and dirty early-new-wave-ish kind of thing.

Sequencer feed... and lots of it!

Aug 3rd 2013

After months of fooling my sequencer into a rather unhealthy diet of '2HD' floppies disguised as '2DD' ones (think drinking double cream from a skimmed milk carton...) I finally got a hold of some more appropriate grub. Hopefully this will cause less data indigestions (disk errors/corrupted files).
p.s. If you didn't laugh at this joke consider yourself lucky! :-P

A little studio tour...

Jul 8th 2013

Got a few new toys since the last time I uploaded something so just thought I'd give you a little sneak peek at at what goes on behind the scenes in a Beat Ratio track... :)

Important update about "The Shag"!

Jul 5th 2013

Due to safety concerns (given the size of the space) the event organizers have decided to limit the number of attendees to 50 people. Access was given on a first-come, first-served basis but the guestlist is now full so, unless you RSVPd and received confirmation, you may risk not getting in. If you didn't make it on the list hope to see you at the next concert.

Playing at "The Shag's" First Birthday

Jun 23rd 2013

Will be returning to play at the fantastic "Shag" on the 12th of July in occasion of the event's first birthday.
Artists Ram Samocha, Steve Martin, James Cornish, Gerald Royston Curtis & Camilla Helen Brendon will be exhibiting, performing and presenting their latest works while music will be provided by my friend Chris' band Phobo Phobes, Ada (which I had the pleasure of seeing live at the last Shag) and of course yours truly. For more info and to RSVP go here.
It should be a good night; hope to see you there!

Subconscious Recordings

Jun 18th 2013

Just finished recording vocals for a new song. It's called "Subconscious Lovers"

12-bit Joy! :D

Jun 14th 2013

Just got this beauty today and can rest assured it will be heavily featured on many upcoming Beat Ratio releases.
I took it off the hands of the amazing Joe Cain (Wax Harbor) (who owns another one anyway!) a very talented old-school producer who I had the pleasure of meeting today. Make sure you check out some of his dope beats here.

New Songs Taking Shape...

May 2nd 2013

Dancing with the arts

Jan 18th 2013

pic by Priya Saujani

Big Big Thanks to everyone who stayed and danced at the Shag! It was a pleasure to be featured on a night full of interesting performances, music, poetry and art installations.
A special thank you to Sam Hacking for organizing and having me play at the event (click here to find out about future nights) and Claudio Noble for helping me with the sound & gear.
More shows and new tracks to be announced soon! :)

'The Shag'

Jan 14th 2013

Playing at upcoming South-London art night "The Shag" this thursday (RSVP here).
I'll share the stage with producer Sam Holloway who will be performing an instrumental set of his trip-hop project Two Silhouettes.
But it's not all just about the music! Several other artists using a variety of media will be exhibiting work too!

Oh and... it's FREE!!! :)

Here's a little sample of something that was recorded at the last 'Shag' by artist Olga Koroleva

Floppy disk appeal!

Nov 30th 2012

Doing some new recordings and need YOUR floppies to help me through it! ;)

Recording Recording Recording

Nov 27th 2012

I've started recording a new track :) Put the bass down today and will work on the guitars next. Planning to release an EP early next year so this song will probably end up in there somewhere. In the meantime here's a little view of my (super messy) recording setup at the moment.

80s party in Camden on Thursday!

Sep 29th 2012

80s Party on Thursday! FREE ENTRY and free CDs as usual plus 80s music and videos from 7pm and live acts from 8pm (I'll be on at 9:15). Stick around after the bands for a DJ set of the best/cheesiest tunes of the 80s selected by yours truly. Themed dress highly recommended! :) RSVP here.

93 Dancing Feet!

Sep 21th 2012

Big big thank you to those who came down to 93 Feet East last night. I debuted "Hour Glass" as promised; it's still not 100% finished but seeing you all dance (some even on crutches!) while I was playing it told me that at least I'm working in the right direction :) Had the pleasure to be joined on stage by some amazing bands which I'd recommend you check out: D'Silva, D Nova and Paris' own Dead Rock Machine.
Finally thanks to Joe and Sean at Hot Wax promotions for organizing the night.

93 Feet East on Thursday!

Sep 16th 2012

Playing at the legendary 93 Feet East this Thursday on the very same stage that has been graced by the likes of The White Stripes and Radiohead! Free entry and free Cds as usual and will debut new track called "Hour Glass". Come down and make some noise! :)

Fun times at the SuperSunday Festival

Aug 27th 2012

Another very special night yesterday at the Camden Rock. Thanks for coming down, for the dancing, the shouting, the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, the smiles, the hugs and for hanging out after the gig. Planning a massive 80s party for early october so stay tuned and start getting your outfits ready!

SuperSundays Festival Take 2!

Aug 18th 2012

After the success of the first SuperSundays Festival the organizers have decided to repeat the event and I'm very glad to have been asked to play in the second edition! :) Noon to midnight, 20 acts and FREE entry the whole day! I'll be on stage at 9:30pm but come down early to see the other bands if you can. But that's not all! At the end of the night I'll be doing a cassette DJ set (my first DJ set ever!) the theme of which will be "Pure 80s Cheese"... so stick around and help me close the night with some dancey tunes! RSVP on Facebook here

Last night at the Festival

Jul 30th 2012

As my first appeareance at an "all day" festival it was a pleasure to share the stage with such amazing bands (with a few international appearences from Sweden and Mexico!). I'd like to thank everyone who came down (tag yourselves on facebook!) and John (aka KiKoo) for making it all happen. It's hard to put into words the amazing feeling that was to play and see you all dancing and having a good time so I'll just limit myself to say THANK YOU! You guys are awesome!

Playing SuperSundays free festival on Sunday

Jul 22nd 2012

Will be playing this free all-day festival next Sunday in which 24 bands will be alternating across 2 stages from noon until midnight. There will also be a BBQ under shelter come rain or shine! I'll be on stage at 9:30pm but come down early to see the other bands if you can. RSVP here. Should be fun day of music in Camden! :)

Amazing night at the UnderSolo!

Jul 7th 2012

This GIF should speak for itself on how much fun it was to play at the UnderSolo Club in Camden. Thanks to everyone who came down for making the night extra special. It was awesome to dance with you on stage and later to some amazing 80s classics! Loved the Camden vibe and I already have a show booked for Sunday 29th as part of an all-day festival at the Camden Rock! More details will follow soon :)

Free gig on July 5th in Camden!

Jun 25th 2012

Come and join me for this free entry (details below) 80s night in Camden. DJs will be spinning all the tunes that you love and hate (but we all know you secretly love) from the decade. My stage time is 9:00 but there's a happy hour from 5-9pm so come down early to get your booze cheap! RSVP here.
IMPORTANT: There is no guest list but, in order to get in for free, the promoters have asked that you join their pages here and here. Hope to see you there!

Covering Beach House

Jun 12th 2012

I haven't done a cover for ages but I LOVE Beach House and after seeing them live a couple of weeks ago decided to try and record one of their songs on my trusty 4-track. Here's the result with some added footage from the various recording stages. Hope you enjoy it!

Last night at Ballyhoo

May 19th 2012

Thanks to everyone who came down! It was a hot one... must have lost a kilo or two! ;)

Don't be late!

May 18th 2012

Remember that the guestlist for tonight will close at 9:15 sharp so come down before to get the £3 deal at the door :)

Ballyhoo on Friday!

May 12th 2012

- Friday night - Central London - £3 guestlist -

usually choosing any two of these options would automatically exclude the other... But this time you get all three! :o
To be on the list simply join the event on facebook or send an email with your name/s to I'll be on stage at 9:45 but the list closes at 9:15 so make sure to get down early to avoid having to pay the regular price (£8/£6). Free Beat Ratio CDs will be available for everyone!
Hope to see you there!

Ever wondered what happens when you're taping a show and the batteries run out?

Apr 27th 2012

well, me neither... But this is what happens.

Sometimes you gotta give the blood...

Apr 24th 2012

A big thank you to everyone that came down yesterday at Power Lunches and especially to Alex and Masaki for organizing the night. Ewe played an amazing stripped-down set so I can only imagine what these guys are going to do with a full line-up! Definitely a band to keep under your radar!

New pictures!

Apr 16th 2012

Got a few promo shots taken by my good friend Tom Griffiths. Check them out here and visit the rest of his website for more amazing photography!

Playing Power Lunches for "Kaiju" exhibition!

Apr 11th 2012

Time for a new gig! But wait, it's not just a gig... it's also an art exhibition! For all the details and to RSVP go here

Avalanche live video + pictures

Apr 3rd 2012

Here's a video from the other night at the Victoria filmed by Francesca plus a couple of new pics taken by Juli!

Last night in Dalston

Apr 1st 2012

Wow, what an awesome night! It was great to play for such a wonderful bunch of people and talk with everybody afterwards. Amazing sets from Turnpike Glow, Money and DJing by Patricia Claper. Thanks to everybody who came down to the Victoria and obviously the biggest thank you goes to Patricia (Vinhao) for making it all happen! Looking forward to the next Mucha Lucha event! Here's a quick recording I did with my walkman while I wait for some actual footage of the gig. More pics and videos will follow soon! :))

CDs are ready!

Mar 29th 2012

After hours of cutting, folding and burning cds I present you the Avalanche/Heartbeats EPs. They'll be available for £ 0 at the gig on Saturday so come down and get one! ;)

Live at the Dalston Victoria on Saturday 31st!

Mar 13th 2012

Will be playing at the Dalston Victoria in a couple of weeks! Joining me will be Turnpike Glow, Wake Up Dead and Money.
No free entry this time being a Saturday but it's only £ 3 if you come down before 8:00! RSVP the event on facebook here.

Video section added

Mar 12th 2012

The Luxe

Mar 7th 2012

Here are a few pictures from the gig at the Luxe last Wednesday taken by my good friend . Despite three bands pulling out at the last minute and a few technical difficulties the gig was a lot of fun! "Avalanche" went down well and I got the honour to play with the lovely Nicky Phillips; a very talented singer songwriter whose stuff I recommend checking out:
I have another show at the end of the month. Will post the details as soon as I get confirmation from the organizers so check this space!

Recording Days

Feb 25th 2012

In yet another celebration of my nerdiness I'd like to introduce you to a cassette which rarely comes out of my rack; but when it does it means new songs are ready! The final stereo masters of "Avalanche" and "Heartbeats" are already printed in magnetic soundwaves on this very tape and will soon be online for you to hear!
Here's a quick video of a rough-mix attempt at "Avalanche". It should at least give you an idea of what goes on backstage! ;)

New show at the Luxe on Leap Day!

Feb 21st 2012

Will be playing another free show on Wed 29th (my first ever gig on Leap Day!) at the super-slick Luxe in Shoreditch.
As promised, I will debut "Avalanche" so I look forward to hearing what you think of it. RSVP the event here!
Hope to see you there!

Figure 8 live video

Feb 16th 2012

Live video of "Figure 8"from the gig at Cafe 1001 in January. You can check out the lyrics here. Huge thanks to Chris for taking this video! Might have a new show to annouce very soon so stay tuned!


Feb 6th 2012

After being stuck inside the house the whole weekend with a massive cold, I can at least report I managed to do something productive and finished off a new track. It's called "Avalanche"!
You should be able to hear it at the next gig!

More pics from Cafe 1001

Feb 1st 2012

Just added a few extra pics from wednesday night taken by my good friend Juli. Contact her if you're looking for a photographer for your next show, party or wedding!
You can check out the pictures here or in the Photos section.
In other related news I'm currently working on a new track. Gonna try to have it ready for the next show!

Cafe 1001 yesterday...

Jan 26th 2012

A massive thank you to everyone who came down yesterday! Seeing you all out there really gave me the energy I needed to play the show! THANKS!!!
I will try to keep looking for free entry gigs (I'd much prefer you spent your money on booze than an overpriced ticket!) and hope to see you all again at the next one! Will post some pics from the night as well as a short video soon.
Last but not least a huge thank you to Chris and Mark at Musicborn for putting together the night. If you're in a band check out their website: It's an invaluable resource for finding gigs!

Getting ready for tomorrow and new feature on TheSoundProject music blog!

Jan 24th 2012

Ok, got my heavy-duty granma trolley, synth and backup tapes ready for tomorrow but in the meantime I wanted to share with you this feature I just received on TheSoundProject music blog! Check it out here and put a "like" if you like! :)

Playing Cafe 1001 on the 25th. Free entry!

Jan 18th 2012

Playing my second show next week smack in the middle of Bricklane! Joining me will be Joyful Knockouts and the awesome This is my Tv (seen a really good show by them last year so I highly recommend checking them out!). I'll be on stage at 8:30 sharp!

Cafe 1001
91 Brick Lane, E1 6SE

Join the FB event here!

"On our Way" and pics from the gig

Jan 11th 2012

Here's a quick video I recorded while I was home for the holidays. It's sort of a "naked" version of a track I'm working on right now. I intended to call it "On Our Way (to Fall in Love)" but then realized (thanks youtube!) that Yo La Tengo has a song with the same name so I might change it later.
Here are a couple of shots from the gig courtesy of Patricia!

First gig yesterday

Dec 19th 2011

Just thought I'd write a few lines now while the memories are still fresh... It was an awesome night of extreme blues, spilled beer, feedback, a dancing Santa Claus and late night taxi-cab harmonica jams. Thanks to everyone who came down, the other bands (Effort, Extreme Blues Dog and The Flying Rats) and a special thank you to Patricia for making it all happen!

Live tonight!

Dec 18th 2011

Gonna play my first show ever tonight at the Castle in east London. Check out the details here!

Check out the new track: Figure 8

Nov 19th 2011

Just added Figure 8 on the player. No big release this time as I'm focusing my energy on putting together a live set (but will let you know when it's available to download). If you like the song please share it on your walls, emails and blogs by using the </> button on the right side of the player.
First gigs coming up soon!

New track almost finished!

Nov 11th 2011

Hey y'all, I almost finished working on a new track which is going to be called "Figure 8". I recorded the vocals yesterday and will put it up sometime next week. In the meantime I've uploaded the lyrics so you can check them out here if you want.
Stay tuned!

Recording on tape

Oct 31st 2011

Since some of you have asked me how I record my tracks to cassette I thought I'd take a quick video of this song I'm working on to give you an example. Not a particularly exciting clip but I hope you like it!

Feature on

Oct 24th 2011

Glad to be featured in the "bands that play synth" section of this awesome website! If you're a bit of synth-nerd like myself you'll love the rest of the site too. Very rare and old-school equipment popping up constantly and lots of interesting video demos. Lose yourself in the matrixsynth!

Island in the City EP now available for free download!

Oct 21st 2011

The time has come! The first Beat Ratio EP is now available for free download on the Plasticrane Prod. website! Go to the download page or click here to skip stright to the release page on! Get it and spread it!

New review on Princeton Record Exchange Music Blog!

Oct 18th 2011

I'm excited to announce my first "Big Time" review from the States(!!!) courtesy of the awesome Princeton Record Exchange Music Blog! Here's the link. If you want you can even leave a comment! Once again I invite you to check out the rest of the entries too, as pretty much every post featured is mixtape-worthy!

Beat Ratio featured on AAAMusic blog

Oct 5th 2011

Hi all, I'm very happy to inaugurate the news section by reporting that Beat Ratio was featured in the "introducing" section of AAA Music online blog. You can can find the article here and maybe while you're there check out the rest of the blog; some pretty cool stuff in there!